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Monthly Archives: October 2013

How to get paid!

  If you are an owner operator, trucking company or a freight forwarder, in order to get paid without delay, you will need to produce the following: 1. Signed confirmation rate sheet 2. Signed Bill of Lading 3. Your invoice   Some companies will accept documentation electronically while others will request the original documents.   The […]

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The Credit Application Process

  Most transportation companies process credit applications. In my years of practice, I have noticed that many of these companies use formats specific for other industries. It is of the utmost importance to use formats that are specific to the needs and characteristics of the freight transportation industry. I suggest that you require commercial references […]

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The Mexican Freight Broker

In this article, we will focus on the role of the Mexican freight broker; and above all, the precautions that can be taken before entrusting your exports , imports or cargo transportation logistics . We are aware that Cargo Agents play the important task of solving the problems posed by freight trade commerce. Their main […]

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Past-due Accounts …the true cost.

In the trucking industry, past due accounts are considerably expensive. We must be aware that from the moment the customer does not pay within the agreed credit terms this account becomes an overdue account. Therefore, action should be taken accordingly.  In addition to the amount owed, your Company also has to cover the costs of operation in the recovery process, such as: legal costs, […]

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Evaluating your freight transportation providers

The task of selecting transportation suppliers is present in nearly every company. Although many companies have specific policies and processes for evaluating and selecting suppliers, the vast majority opt to select their transportation suppliers on the basis of cost only. Executives who evaluate their transportation providers with more scrutiny generally experience a more successful business. […]

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