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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Pending Regulation for the Mexican Freight Intermediaries

The role of the cargo agent in the transportation and logistics industry is fundamental. This makes it incredibly difficult to understand why in this XXI century their activities have not been legally recognized, constituted or regulated by the Mexican government. Whose loss? The fact that the cargo agent is not regulated generates losses and uncertainty for […]

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Past Due Accounts Checklist

”Where you find order, there is character”, said Doménico Cieri Estrada. You need both in order to recover your past due accounts.. Having a Past Due Accounts Checklist in your Accounts Receivables Department will bring the following benefits to you: – It provides clear and strong support to define your internal collections strategy. – It provides basis and foundation […]

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How to generate a profit from your past due accounts. Plus, recover your money faster.

Some of our clients profit from past due accounts that have been assigned with our Agency. What does this mean? The amounts recovered are higher than those originally invoiced even when collection fees have been charged on a contingency basis. Our clients receive more than what they originally had charged for their transport service, sometimes generating […]

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