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16 years accelerating cash flow

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Since 2004 we have accelerated the cash flow of hundreds of cargo carriers and export companies.

Our specialization, experience and knowledge have allowed us to perfect our internal collection processes, methodology and tactics to maximize recoveries.

We love success because it is the only way for us to help our clients. Our passion, quality, competitiveness and results are our driving force to always be the best.

Some examples
Successful cases

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A very well executed job

AFS has recovered 90% of the cases that we thought were lost. No matter how big or small, you always get first-class service. When we first delivered an account to AFS, we had the client's payment confirmation in 48 hours. A very well executed job.


I highly recommend their services

AFS is a fundamental support in the recovery of past due accounts, their knowledge in our industry gives us confidence. We know that their staff is always available to provide a status on the accounts placed.

Werner Enterprises


It is very gratifying for us to get support from an experienced company and especially because they are specialized in the transportation field and the added value for Schenker is the quick response to our requests, congratulations.

DB Schenker

You guys are terrific 🙂

I have had the pleasure of working with Sal, and his staff for several years. They are extremely professional, and we have always received excellent results on accounts we have placed. I appreciate the friendliness, and helpful associates at AFS.

Schneider National

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16 years accelerating our clients cash flow.
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Copyright © 2020 AFS International, LLC.  All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2020 AFS International, LLC. All rights reserved.