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International Collections

FactorajeInternational recovery has always been an area in which the collections industry lacked resources. Many agencies will claim to have the resources necessary to effect collections throughout the world. The reality is that most cannot represent your interests outside of the United States. At AFS International, we can!

North and South America

We have been collecting freight bills worldwide since 2005 and we are proud to be one of the best collection agencies specializing in freight transportation with our own office in Mexico.

At AFS International, we understand and can assist you in dealing with international freight transportation debt recovery. Our collection executives have experience in the freight transportation industry in foreign countries.

While the international market presents enormous growth opportunities for U.S. businesses, it has made the credit granting process more complex and difficult. Granting credit to a foreign business entity requires a credit manager that is capable of dealing with currency fluctuations, different forms of business, organizations, and foreign government trade requirements or restrictions and specifically the freight transportation law.