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Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions are an example of our agreement. The actual agreement will be sent with the information you provide us.

This agreement is for informational purposes only.

(CLIENT), placed one or more commercial collection claims with AFS International, LLC (AFS) for collection of past due amounts owed. AFS will use its best efforts to collect but makes no guaranty that any amount will be collected. AFS will be entitled to the following percentages on collections made by AFS on CLIENTS’ accounts:

  • 20% on accounts less than one year past due
  • 25% on accounts over one year past due
  • 40% on accounts less than $250.00

30% on accounts on second assignment (accounts that had been assigned to another agency or attorney prior to AFS International), or paid by a third party other than debtor (when debtor filed for bankruptcy, is out of business, is untraceable, or not willing to pay).

Once accounts are placed, CLIENT may be charged a half the commission for each account cancelled by the CLIENT, when CLIENT decides to cancel the debt to debtor, or paid prior placement, or placed by error, or in the case the CLIENT does not provide the support or documentation necessary to verify the amount allocated after 30 days of being requested in writing by AFS.

When debtor sends payments payable to AFS, checks are deposited in AFS Account and will be considered cleared 10 business days after deposited. AFS remits to CLIENT once per month, by the 15th day of the month, for checks that cleared the prior month. AFS deducts its commission at the same time payment is made to CLIENT. If payment is sent directly to CLIENT, AFS deducts its commission from the monthly remittance or will invoice CLIENT for the commission if there are no other collections for CLIENT.

The CLIENT agrees to stop all collection efforts when assigning their accounts to AFS, and to provide copies of the documents that support the debt. The CLIENT agrees to inform AFS of all payments received from its assigned accounts, bankruptcy reports and any other type of communication received by the debtor within a period of no more than three days after receiving them.

If AFS is unable to recover the account(s) placed, suit may be recommended and the contingency commission will be 50% to compensate the attorney. If CLIENT authorizes suit, CLIENT is responsible for all court costs (cost of filing, service, etc) and will also be responsible for legal fees in the event of a counterclaim filed by defendant. No suit is filed without written authorization from CLIENT and pre-payment by CLIENT of court costs and non-contingent suit fee (if required) per the litigation quote.

The CLIENT agrees that any delinquent account assigned to AFS for collection may be registered with credit agencies or bureaus for inclusion in the commercial credit report and reported as a credit paid or pending payment in accordance with prescribed methods and times By the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Any claim placed with AFS for collection may be cancelled after sixty (60) days from the date of assignment for any reason unless there is a payment plan, promise to pay, or if AFS deems possible that the placed account can be recovered. If CLIENT still wishes to cancel regardless the three mentioned motives, AFS will close the account and will issue an invoice for half of the corresponding rate. CLIENT must notify AFS in writing of the desire to cancel accounts.

AFS will keep the CLIENT informed of the progress of their accounts with easy and instant reports by logging in our website

The undersigned agrees that accounts placed are subject to these terms and conditions.

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Copyright © 2020 AFS International, LLC.  All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2020 AFS International, LLC. All rights reserved.