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Speedy Response

To support and complement their collections department, many companies already use the services of collections agencies. Others rely on their attorneys for these matters. Whether you hire one or the other, it is very common to encounter the need for specific information or questions on their part: – Outstanding balance review – Supporting documentation to […]

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Five of the most costly mistakes

These errors generate the most losses for any cargo transport and logistics companies. 1. Failure to resolve any dispute early on. It is very common to experience delays in receivables when the clients are not satisfied with the cargo transport services provided whether due to a delivery delay, merchandise damage or a dispute on an […]

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Alert, Freight Brokers going away!

The new law “Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act’’ or ‘’MAP–21’’ is already generating considerable impact among freight brokers in the United States, Canada and Mexico. The increase in the surety bond amount for freight brokers from 10 thousand to 75 thousand dollars has generated a considerable decrease in the number of existing brokers. According […]

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Past Due Accounts Checklist

”Where you find order, there is character”, said Doménico Cieri Estrada. You need both in order to recover your past due accounts.. Having a Past Due Accounts Checklist in your Accounts Receivables Department will bring the following benefits to you: – It provides clear and strong support to define your internal collections strategy. – It provides basis and foundation […]

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Key Indicators in Collections

Executives and owners of companies today are focusing more than ever in profit margins. In the transportation industry, executives must invest time and money in closely measuring performance and results in detail and on a daily basis. In collections, time is money. What is collected or recovered this week is in major part a reflection […]

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The Credit Application Process

  Most transportation companies process credit applications. In my years of practice, I have noticed that many of these companies use formats specific for other industries. It is of the utmost importance to use formats that are specific to the needs and characteristics of the freight transportation industry. I suggest that you require commercial references […]

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